Saturday, November 8, 2008

Acai Berry

I was talking to a friend today and she asked if I knew anything about Acai berries, with it being the new fad an’ all. My response to her was that I was familiar with it and this new rage sweeping health nuts; but that I don’t give much credit until I find some historical or cultural background. For example, if you take green tea, it’s been around for centuries in the Middle Eastern (Arab), Indian and Asian (Chinese and Japanese) cultures.

Based on this conversation, she sent me information on the Acai Berry and its significance in the Amazon culture. I was shocked! I had no idea that the benefits of this berry were so vast and that it was widely used for many medicinal purposes centuries ago. She also related to me that her friends’ parents, from when she was a child, used to sell Acai juice and swear by it. I guess it comes down to exposure. She is from South America and had exposure to people from those cultures when growing up. I was part of the Arab and Indian culture; hence my awareness of certain foods or ingredients comes from those traditions and beliefs that were passed on from generation to generation.

So here lies the purpose of my next article! I will take time this week to write about this in more detail and share the significance of Acai! I’ll include other natural foods that have been around long before western popularization. Keep your eye out for “Ask the ancestors”!

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