Thursday, October 30, 2008


Its cold outside these days and I just want some hot soup! Last week I had an almond obsession, I wanted everything with almond or cashews. I dug up all my almond cake recipes and baked a few... it was kind of cold outside then too.

Have you ever thought that maybe our bodies crave what we need? Since I was old enough to understand anything about food, I picked up on the notion that my body tells me what it needs. Almonds, cashews and most other dry fruits are great to have in the fall because the way they metabolise in our bodies, generates heat (warmth). They also help build up a layer of fat which further insulates us in the cold weather.

Similarly, I've had random cravings for orange juice, steak, green beans. Now normally, people have cravings for unhealthy or junkie food items like chips and ice cream. I often crave McDonalds french fries... this is different; obviously. I don't mean to imply that just because you have a craving, you should indulge. Filter! Recognize! Differentiate! I think you get the point. We should listen to our bodies when there might be a genuine need for some nutrient. Or even if you're going to eat out and you have to pick a restaurant, let your body do the talking. There might be a reason why you feel like Sushi instead of Mexican!

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